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Buy Butterfly Frame Phoebis Philea Suppliers & Wholesalers - CF Butterfly

Butterfly Frame:Phoebis Philea & Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly

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Phoebis Philea & Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly (scientific name:Phoebis Philea & Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly): Also known as Phoebis Philea & Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly,it is the largest species in the genus Pieridae of the Pieridae family.

SCIENTIFIC NAME : Phoebis Philea & Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly
LOCALITY: Rainforests South America
FRAME SIZE: 9″ x 9″ x 1.18″

About this project

The photo frame size is this is the specimen size (23*23*3 cm) We can accept custom photo frames please contact us. Home Decor creates high-quality specimens of real butterflies. All butterfly photo frames are carefully packaged.

GREAT GIFT GIFT - Whether you need a special gift for friends or family or anywhere, our real butterfly specimens are perfect for living room decor, bedroom wall art, bathroom decor and office poster wall decor. This wonderful wall art will brighten up your home,
It's a modern way to light up any space, and each piece has its own unique story. We believe in delivering impeccable quality.
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Butterfly Frame Phoebis Philea & Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers - CF Butterfly

Phoebis philea, the orange-barred sulphur, is a species of butterfly found in the Americas including the Caribbean.

The wingspan is 68 to 80 mm. There are two to three generations per year in Florida and one in the northern part of the range with adults on wing from mid to late summer. The species habitat is in tropical scrub, gardens, fields, and forest edges. Orange-barred sulphurs are often found in large dense groups of mixed species, including the statira sulphur (Aphrissa statira), apricot sulphur (Phoebis argante), and the straight-line sulphur (Rhabdodryas trite).The species eats nectar from red-colored plants.wholesale pinned real framed blue morpho butterflies in glass frame wall artwork taxidermypreserved mounted specimen blue butterfly under double glass display prints framed butterflies wall art decor encased for sale,buy dead morpho butterflies in a acrylic shaped photo wreath frames

Our advantage

• UV resistant glass that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.

• Quality production of museum photo frames

• Photo frames have butterfly information labels

• Gift box and care instructions.

• Handmade by the artist in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.


Select frame color

Black frame, walnut frame, white frame, custom color





Frame size

6 * 6 *1.18

9* 9* 1.18

custom size


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Place the insect frame in direct sunlight and high humidity.

We will include some desiccant and preservatives in the package