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Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers - CF Butterfly

About this project

The photo frame size is this is the specimen size (23*23*3 cm) We can accept custom photo frames please contact us. Home Decor creates high-quality specimens of real butterflies. All butterfly photo frames are carefully packaged.

GREAT GIFT GIFT - Whether you need a special gift for friends or family or anywhere, our real butterfly specimens are perfect for living room decor, bedroom wall art, bathroom decor and office poster wall decor. This wonderful wall art will brighten up your home,
It's a modern way to light up any space, and each piece has its own unique story. We believe in delivering impeccable quality.

Get an official license - These Butterfly Specimens are under the work of professional designers, are aesthetically pleasing and fade resistant for many years Enjoy your artwork. Attractive butterfly specimens come from our curated collection of officially licensed and custom-designed art.

EASY TO HANG - Wall Decor Real Butterfly specimens are easy to hang in many ways. Our butterfly specimens operate in a professional manner, you can use the hook to hang the butterfly specimens on the wall.

Butterfly taxidermy lovers will love this - enter the wonderful world of butterflies with this exquisite art collection. The perfect gift for any nature lover or aspiring entomologist. Will inspire you to explore your world and appreciate the beauty around you. Butterfly posters for girls' or boys' bedrooms are the ideal way to create butterfly decor for girls' or boys' rooms.CF Butterfly is Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers
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Product Description

Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly

Suppliers & Wholesalers Butterfly

The Red Sleeve Butterfly (scientific name: Heliconius melpomene), also known as the red postman butterfly, is a species of the Nymphalidae family. The world-famous "poisonous" butterfly, mainly distributed in Brazil, has a history of millions of years. In 1999, Brazil brought the postman butterfly on display in Kunming, China, which was recognized and loved by the Chinese audience. Because its body color is very similar to the color of the Portuguese domestic postman uniform at that time, it is named Postman Butterfly

Insect historiography

The red-sleeve butterfly is mainly distributed in Brazil, South America. As a species, it has survived on the earth for millions of years, but as an "insect star", the red-sleeved butterfly has only been known and loved by people for a long time. 200 years.

In the early 16th century AD, Portuguese colonists landed on the coast of Brazil and gradually advanced inland. In the process, many novel species were discovered by them, "Red Ribbon Sleeve Butterfly" is one of them. From the outside, the red, white and black body color of the red-sleeved butterfly is very similar to the color of the Portuguese domestic postman uniform at that time, hence the name.

In AD 1523, a report from a veterinarian of the Portuguese-Brazilian pioneering group nearly brought disaster to the entire "red-banded sleeve butterfly" population. In the early development, most of the Portuguese used horses as the main transportation capacity. At that time, most of the horses that were transported to the Brazilian mainland were shipped from Portugal. Due to the long-distance shipping, coupled with acclimatization and lack of care, the death rate of horses is very high. In order to evade the responsibility of "neglecting management", the veterinarians in the group abruptly put the cause of the death of the horses on the Red Ribbon Sleeve Butterfly. Likes to chase horses. Once the horses are bitten or eat the forage they have left, they will die of poison immediately. This report was so exaggerated that Manuel I, the then King of Portugal, sent a letter to the commander of the pioneering regiment, asking him to send a special person to burn the forest inhabited by the red-banded butterfly in order to "contain the butterfly damage". The tragic fate of the red-sleeved butterfly began here and has continued for more than 200 years.

In 1825, Brazil became independent from Portugal, and the economy, science and culture began to develop independently. It was also from that time that Brazilian naturalists began to study the red-striped butterfly. In the end, they used scientific facts to clear the "injustice" of the red-sleeved butterfly. According to the research results, it was found that the red-sleeved butterfly is actually a non-toxic insect, and the brilliant color on its body is only a warning color, which acts as a warning to natural enemies. The legendary red-sleeved butterfly likes to "chasing horses" more It's nonsense - the reason why you can see red ribbon butterflies near the horses is because the horses have broken into their homes. After the truth came out, people's culling of the red-sleeve butterfly gradually stopped. Due to its unique and colorful colors, the red-sleeve butterfly has also become a precious ornamental insect.

The eggs of the red-sleeve butterfly once crossed the ocean, hatched in European royal families, and pupated into butterflies.

In 1999, the World Horticultural Exposition was held in Kunming, China, and Brazil, the participating country, brought red-sleeve butterflies for display.

Appearance feature

From the outside, the red ribbon sleeve butterfly has red, white and black body color, and the color is rotten. The bright red on the wings is a warning to potential enemies: "Look, I'm poisonous". The transmission of this signal is called vigilance.

living habits

When night falls and the animals are all settling down for the night, the red Sleeve butterfly (Heliconius erato) usually gathers four or five for the night. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of being attacked, possibly due to the bright colors on their wings, which are often considered a sign of venom, an effect that is more pronounced when they are clustered together.

The results of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B show that co-habiting butterflies do more than share danger: each of the five co-habiting butterflies, when viewed as a group, is less likely to be attacked lower than that of a solitary butterfly.

distribution range

The red ribbon butterfly is mainly distributed from Central America to southern Brazil.


Scarlet butterfly is a complete metamorphosis of insects, that is, through four stages of life: egg, larva, pupa, adult.


The butterfly egg is the first stage of butterfly development, also known as the embryonic stage.


The larval stage of butterfly larvae, also known as the growth stage, is the second developmental stage in the life cycle of butterflies.


Butterfly pupa The pupa is the third developmental stage in the life history of butterflies, also known as the transition period.

adult worm

The adult butterfly is the last stage of butterfly development, called the sexual period, and there are two forms of male and female. After the adults mature in the pupal shell, they must break away from the pupal shell and go out.

Species natural enemies

Ants, beetles, birds, flies, lizards, frogs, toads, mantises, spiders, wasps, parasitic wasps.

Protection level

The butterfly is not listed as a rare species.

CF Butterfly is Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers

Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly

How to framing a Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly specimen

real taxidermy Butterflies are known around the world for their beautiful wings, patterns and stories. They are also honored by countless stories, poems and legends. Depending on where you live in the world, butterflies symbolize different things, including rebirth, transformation, and the arrival of new life. we framing a butterflyThe highest grade frame material is installed in the frame,frames a butterfly frame is stylish to bring us the beauty of the soul,Explore Creative Inspiration "for butterfly collection framed

butterfly specimen

Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly taxidermy designer

Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly framing butterflies -Designs Real butterfly framing Insect Taxidermy Art Displays by taxidermy butterfly-designs Since 2015 year,butterflies in cases. Be beautiful and timeless in the hands of designer

Butterfly taxidermy designer

Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly Insect Company

Buy Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly in frame, the company gets the best price at the lowest price! Many items can save a lot of costs and costs, welcome to communicate with us in time to purchase,Beautiful butterfly in frames to hang in your home. Butterflies and moths are ethically sourced and presented in handcrafted frames,butterfly specimens box can be used to make collection butterflies, as an ethical company we will never buy or sell protected animals

Butterfly Insect Company

company information

colorful forest has the best taxidermy technology and real butterfly specimens, from China's butterflies to the world's butterflies. You can choose from thousands of types and sizes of photo frames to suit your customization needs. We have over thousands of custom designs for butterfly photo frames, from home decor to gift giving to personal collections, educational institutions and more. We also offer a plethora of one-of-a-kind designs and artwork that you won't find anywhere else.Our talented butterfly photo frame designers handcraft tens of thousands of real butterfly specimens for our clients and work directly with the studio to create officially licensed merchandise. We use the latest bespoke and handcrafted techniques to ensure your final product looks great and will stand the test. So go ahead and browse through our collection of thousands of products and let colorful forest help you create branded products that are unique, beautiful and long-lasting!

company information

Shipping and Returns (Shipping Information)

International orders:

– Insect specimens can be shipped to most of the countries that can accept import and export (shipping and other customs fees need to be 100% borne by the buyer, because this amount is related, we also want to provide free shipping to the buyer. But some factors do not allow). We offer free shipping for orders over $500, because the cost of some distant countries will be very high, I hope you will consider and understand more, please consult us for detailed shipping information

Shipping time:

- Most orders ship within 15 to 30 working days, but some orders may only take 10 days to complete, depending on the situation I will arrange to the designer

– I will notify you when the item ships. Please leave all your public contact information (to prevent you from being contacted)

return the goods:

- If you are not 100% satisfied with your choice, you can return or exchange the product within 15 days of receipt, please record an unpacking video before returning the item, the specimen is not damaged, we have fulfilled our obligations, if you force a return, You are responsible for all the costs. If we receive damage after the return, we refuse to pay any costs, please don't embarrass us.

– The recipient is responsible for the return.

Usage scenarios

Tea Party Decorations: Flower Arrangement Decorations, Cute Colorful Fairy Tale Butterfly Decorations for Wrapping Bouquets Flowers Plants Planters Flower Pot Arrangements or Any Themed Party Supplies, Wedding Bridal Birthday Party Baby Shower Craft Supplies, Cake Cupcake Decorations, Christmas Tree Decorations

Home decoration, gift giving, personal collections, educational institutions and more

Party Supplies: Wedding Bridal Birthday Party Baby Shower Craft Supplies, Cake Cupcake Toppers, Christmas Tree Ornaments

Heliconius Doris & Doris Longwing

Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly

 Offline organization of learning activities

Schools love our Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly taxidermy and butterfly kits so we do butterfly on sales and for many personal collections I also have butterflies sale,Amathusiidae butterfly specimen framed,preserved specimen in black wood frame can hang on wall or sit in easel on desk or bookshelf.preserved butterfly art. We preserve real butterflies, moths and other insects in airtight acrylic and butterflies in double glass frame ,and CF offers you a vast range of insect and butterfly mounting display frame,butterfly in picture frame great colours.

Offline organization of learning activities

Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly Farm

Insect for sale, CF offers enthusiasts a wide variety of dried butterflies, mostly from global regions,Buy to butterflies for use in art, craft projects, butterfly collections, & creative decorations. All butterfly specimens for sale are farm raised butterflies,Check out our pinned butterflies for the best butterflies that are unique or custom,CF Butterfly is Heliconius Melpomene Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers

Butterfly Farm