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Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers - CF Butterfly

About this project

The photo frame size is this is the specimen size (23*23*3 cm) We can accept custom photo frames please contact us. Home Decor creates high-quality specimens of real butterflies. All butterfly photo frames are carefully packaged.

GREAT GIFT GIFT - Whether you need a special gift for friends or family or anywhere, our real butterfly specimens are perfect for living room decor, bedroom wall art, bathroom decor and office poster wall decor. This wonderful wall art will brighten up your home,
It's a modern way to light up any space, and each piece has its own unique story. We believe in delivering impeccable quality.

Get an official license - These Butterfly Specimens are under the work of professional designers, are aesthetically pleasing and fade resistant for many years Enjoy your artwork. Attractive butterfly specimens come from our curated collection of officially licensed and custom-designed art.

EASY TO HANG - Wall Decor Real Butterfly specimens are easy to hang in many ways. Our butterfly specimens operate in a professional manner, you can use the hook to hang the butterfly specimens on the wall.

Butterfly taxidermy lovers will love this - enter the wonderful world of butterflies with this exquisite art collection. The perfect gift for any nature lover or aspiring entomologist. Will inspire you to explore your world and appreciate the beauty around you. Butterfly posters for girls' or boys' bedrooms are the ideal way to create butterfly decor for girls' or boys' rooms.CF Butterfly is Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers
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Product Description

Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

 Suppliers & Wholesalers Butterfly

Morpho menelaus (scientific name: Morpho menelaus): Also known as Morpho menelaus, it is the largest species in the genus Morpho of the Nymphalidae family. It is a tropical butterfly with a total of 15 subspecies. The genus name comes from the Greek word "μορφώ", which is the title of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology, which means beauty and beauty. The blue wings are very gorgeous, about 15 cm long. The upper surface of the adult female butterfly's wings is blue, and the lower surface is very similar in color and texture to dead leaves, showing mottled brown, gray, black or red. The hairs of the larvae can cause discomfort to human skin.

Lives in Central and South America, including Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela. Their huge wings enable them to soar quickly in the sky. Active day and night, flying agile.

Morphological characteristics

The blue morpho butterfly has a wingspan of 13-17 cm and a brilliant metallic luster on its wings. Morpho butterfly wings can flash from the structure of butterfly wings. When people catch butterflies with their hands, they will stick some "powder" on their hands. These "powders" are actually scales of various shapes. The scales of Morpho butterfly are more complex in structure. Its microstructure is composed of multi-layered three-dimensional fences, similar to shutters, but its structure is far more complicated than shutters. When light hits the wings, physical phenomena such as refraction, reflection and diffraction occur. So the complex structure on Morpho butterfly wings produces rainbow-like brilliant colors under the action of optics. When a group of Morpho butterflies fluttered in the rainforest, they shone with metallic luster of blue, green and purple, and the "blue phantom" was produced.


The blue morpho is found in tropical rainforests of the Neotropics, such as the Amazon primeval forest, and is also adapted to dry deciduous forests and secondary woodlands such as South America. Fly fast. Male butterflies are territorial, and the metallic sheen reflected from their wings indicates their territorial range to other male butterflies. Inhabits forests, but sometimes ventures into sunny clearings for warmth. Requires tropical rainforests living in Central and South America with humidity levels of 70-88% and an average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Lives in the tree canopy but often ventures into the forest floor in order to find the juice of the rotten fruit it likes to drink.

living habits

Blue morpho butterflies, also known as "blue moor butterflies", are special in that they use their color advantage to protect themselves. When a predator approaches, they vibrate their wings rapidly, producing flashes of light to intimidate each other. Rather than feeding on nectar, these tropical butterflies prefer to eat the juice of ripe tropical fruits such as mangoes and lychees. Not all Morpho butterflies have a metallic blue sheen, and some are restricted to males.

Active during the day, swift in flight, and like other lepidopteran insects, it is also a complete metamorphosis. The life cycle includes four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Their eggs are hemispherical, and the larvae have distinctly colored "hair clusters" and usually have a caudal fork, resembling the larvae of an eye butterfly. The larvae generally live in clusters and feed on various climbing plants, especially legumes. If they are in danger, they will emit a pungent odor from the glands in their bodies to drive away predators. There are various protrusions on the head and wings of the pupa, which belong to the pupa. The hosts are mostly Viola, Honeysuckle, Salicaceae, Moraceae, Umaceae, Hemp, Euphorbiaceae, Rubiaceae and other plants. Adults are not good at visiting flowers, and often feed on juices such as fallen rotten fruit and feces.

In order to survive, the blue morpho butterfly has to go through some changes. The color of the bottom of the wings is the same as that of the leaves. For camouflage, it folds its wings when it is resting, and the underside of the wings is consistent with the environment of the leaves. Even so, they often make changes to their lifestyles to protect themselves. They learn to fly in unusual ways so that the blue side of their wings is only shown once in a while, and quickly.

distribution range

Distributed in Central and South America, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela and other places.

The life cycle

Morpho butterflies are completely metamorphic insects, that is, they go through four stages in their life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.


Morpho eggs are generally hemispherical, with a waxy shell on the surface to prevent water evaporation, and a fine hole at one end, which is the pathway for sperm to enter. The adults lay their eggs on their host plants or shoots, the plants that the Morpho larvae feed on, preparing the larvae for a suitable growth site.


Morpho butterfly larvae are caterpillars. After hatching, they eat a lot of plant leaves. As the larvae grow, they usually molt 4 to 6 times.


Morpho larvae stop eating when fully grown and crawl around looking for a suitable place to pupate. The pupae of Morpho butterfly are suspended from the head and tail, called hanging pupae; they stretch their bodies to measure whether there is enough space around them to spread their wings smoothly when the pupae emerge. When it finds a place to pupate, the morpho butterfly spins silk there, attaching the end of its body to the silk, and the morpho larvae will pupate in a hidden place on the back of the leaf, and then gradually harden to become a prepupa. About a day later, the former pupae shed the larval outer skin, revealing the chrysalis. The larvae's utensils in the pupa gradually decompose and then reconstitute the Morpho butterfly's body.

adult worm

The adult Morpho butterfly emerges from the pupa along the head and thorax after sexual maturity. The wings of the newly emerged butterfly are wrinkled and the abdomen is swollen. At this time, the butterfly cannot avoid natural enemies. After the wings are unfolded, the Morpho butterfly can fly. The front and rear wings of the Morpho butterfly are not synchronously flapping.

CF Butterfly is Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers

Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

 Butterfly specimen

real taxidermy Butterflies are known around the world for their beautiful wings, patterns and stories. They are also honored by countless stories, poems and legends. Depending on where you live in the world, butterflies symbolize different things, including rebirth, transformation, and the arrival of new life. we framing a butterflyThe highest grade frame material is installed in the frame,frames a butterfly frame is stylish to bring us the beauty of the soul,Explore Creative Inspiration "for butterfly collection framed

butterfly specimen

Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

 Butterfly taxidermy designer

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Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

 Butterfly Insect Company

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Butterfly Insect Company

company information

colorful forest has the best taxidermy technology and real butterfly specimens, from China's butterflies to the world's butterflies. You can choose from thousands of types and sizes of photo frames to suit your customization needs. We have over thousands of custom designs for butterfly photo frames, from home decor to gift giving to personal collections, educational institutions and more. We also offer a plethora of one-of-a-kind designs and artwork that you won't find anywhere else.Our talented butterfly photo frame designers handcraft tens of thousands of real butterfly specimens for our clients and work directly with the studio to create officially licensed merchandise. We use the latest bespoke and handcrafted techniques to ensure your final product looks great and will stand the test. So go ahead and browse through our collection of thousands of products and let colorful forest help you create branded products that are unique, beautiful and long-lasting!

company information

Shipping and Returns (Shipping Information)

International orders:

– Insect specimens can be shipped to most of the countries that can accept import and export (shipping and other customs fees need to be 100% borne by the buyer, because this amount is related, we also want to provide free shipping to the buyer. But some factors do not allow). We offer free shipping for orders over $500, because the cost of some distant countries will be very high, I hope you will consider and understand more, please consult us for detailed shipping information

Shipping time:

- Most orders ship within 15 to 30 working days, but some orders may only take 10 days to complete, depending on the situation I will arrange to the designer

– I will notify you when the item ships. Please leave all your public contact information (to prevent you from being contacted)

return the goods:

- If you are not 100% satisfied with your choice, you can return or exchange the product within 15 days of receipt, please record an unpacking video before returning the item, the specimen is not damaged, we have fulfilled our obligations, if you force a return, You are responsible for all the costs. If we receive damage after the return, we refuse to pay any costs, please don't embarrass us.

– The recipient is responsible for the return.

Usage scenarios

Tea Party Decorations: Flower Arrangement Decorations, Cute Colorful Fairy Tale Butterfly Decorations for Wrapping Bouquets Flowers Plants Planters Flower Pot Arrangements or Any Themed Party Supplies, Wedding Bridal Birthday Party Baby Shower Craft Supplies, Cake Cupcake Decorations, Christmas Tree Decorations

Home decoration, gift giving, personal collections, educational institutions and more

Party Supplies: Wedding Bridal Birthday Party Baby Shower Craft Supplies, Cake Cupcake Toppers, Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

Butterfly Offline organization of learning activities

Schools love our Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly Butterfly taxidermy and butterfly kits so we do butterfly on sales and for many personal collections I also have butterflies sale,Amathusiidae butterfly specimen framed,preserved specimen in black wood frame can hang on wall or sit in easel on desk or bookshelf.preserved butterfly art. We preserve real butterflies, moths and other insects in airtight acrylic and butterflies in double glass frame ,and CF offers you a vast range of insect and butterfly mounting display frame,butterfly in picture frame great colours.

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Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

 Butterfly Farm

Insect for sale, CF offers enthusiasts a wide variety of dried butterflies, mostly from global regions,Buy to butterflies for use in art, craft projects, butterfly collections, & creative decorations. All butterfly specimens for sale are farm raised butterflies,Check out our pinned butterflies for the best butterflies that are unique or custom,CF Butterfly is Morpho Menelaus & Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly Butterfly Suppliers & Wholesalers

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