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What is a butterfly frame?

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A butterfly frame, also known as a butterfly display case or butterfly shadow box, 

is a framed enclosure specifically designed to showcase and display preserved butterflies or other insects.

It is a decorative and protective display that allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty and intricate details of the specimens.

A typical butterfly frame consists of the following components:

1. Frame: It is usually made of wood or metal and serves as the outer structure of the display. 

The frame can have various shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit different preferences and interior decor styles.


2. Glass or transparent front panel: The front of the frame is covered with a clear glass or transparent plastic panel. 

It allows for optimal visibility and protects the specimens from dust, moisture, and physical damage while maintaining their vibrant colors.


3. Mounting board or backing material: The back of the frame features a mounting board or backing material where the preserved butterflies or insects are attached. 

This board is often made of foam, cork, or a similar material that allows for pinning or mounting the specimens securely.


4. Specimen arrangement: The butterflies or insects are carefully arranged and mounted onto the backing material within the frame. 

They can be positioned individually or as a group, creating a visually appealing composition. 

Some frames include multiple layers or compartments to accommodate a larger collection of specimens.


5. Hanging hardware: Butterfly frames typically come with hanging hardware, such as hooks or brackets, attached to the back of the frame. 

This allows the frame to be easily mounted on a wall for display. Alternatively, some frames are designed for tabletop or freestanding display.


Butterfly frames provide a way to protect and showcase preserved butterflies or insects while adding a touch of natural beauty to any space. 

They are commonly used for personal collections, educational purposes, scientific displays, 

or as decorative items in homes, offices, museums, or nature-themed settings.

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