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What is it called when you frame butterflies?

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When you frame a butterfly, the process is often called "butterfly framing" or "butterfly mounting." 

It involves arranging and fixing preserved butterflies in a frame to create visually appealing displays while retaining their natural beauty. 

Insect frames are a combination of art and preservation that requires precision, patience and attention to detail. 

It allows individuals to create stunning displays that highlight the complex beauty of insects while preserving them for lon-term appreciation and study

Butterfly framing or installation usually involves the following steps:

1:Select and prepare butterflies: Choose well-preserved and visually appealing butterflies for shooting. 

Make sure they are completely dry and protected from moisture.


2:Position and arrange the butterfly: Carefully place the butterfly in the position required within the frame. 

Consider their color, size, and wing pattern and arrange them into a visually pleasing composition.


3:Install the butterfly: Use an insect pin or thin thread to secure the butterfly in place. Insert pins or wires into the chest of each butterfly, 

making sure they are firmly positioned without damaging the delicate body or wings.


4:Mount the butterfly to the backing material: Mount the butterfly to the backing material inside the frame, such as foam or cork. 

The backing material provides support and stability for the sample.


5:Complete display: Check the position and arrangement of butterflies in the frame. Make sure they are evenly distributed and positioned. 

Secure the backing material in place to ensure that the sample is firmly attached.


6:Close the frame: After the butterfly is firmly installed, close the frame by connecting the glass or transparent front panel. 

Make sure the panel is clean and free of any smudges or fingerprints

Framed butterflies can be displayed on a wall or placed on a flat surface, allowing the viewer to appreciate their beauty and intricate details.


The framed butterflies can be displayed on a wall or placed on a flat surface, allowing viewers to appreciate their beauty and intricate details.

Butterfly framing requires attention to detail, patience, and a delicate touch to ensure the specimens are properly preserved and displayed. 

It is both a practical and artistic process that allows individuals to showcase the captivating beauty of butterflies while creating a visually stunning display.

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